Saturday, December 10, 2011

MOH mailbox surprise :)


I just checked my mailbox and had such a wonderful surprise!  As you all should know by now, my little sissy got engaged a little more than 2 weeks ago!  Well, I checked the mail today and she sent me this....
If you couldn't read the cute little card by the picture above, this is what it says:

I'm getting married, God game me a mister
But I still need you, my best friend and sister.
It's just the beginning of our brand new life,
As Russ and I become husband and wife!
And nothing would give me more joy and pride
Than to have you, Braden, right there by my side.
Sissy, will you be my maid of honor?

Hmmmmmm.....let me think about it!  I Do!  Oooops...I mean YES :)

First of all....SO ADORABLE!
Second of seems so much more real now!
Third of all.....She wants me to be her MAID OF HONOR!
Fourth of all.......ahhhhhhhh my baby sister is getting married!
Fifth of all.....She wants me to be her MAID OF HONOR!
Sixth of all......ahhhhhhhh I'M HER MAID OF HONOR!

Yay for weddings, and especially my baby sissy's wedding!

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