Wednesday, July 17, 2013

journey to pre-kindergarten :)

for those of you who don't already know...

i got a J.O.B

i will be teaching pre-kindergarten at the same school i was at last year.  i am so excited that i am finally  going to be doing what i k.n.o.w God put me on this earth to do!  little ones are my passion and i thought i would be teaching kindergarten this year, but i guess His plan is always different than that of what we want or hope for.  He has a better plan than i could ever imagine and i am so thankful that i will be able to learn from, teach, and watch 20 little four year olds grow in the next year :)

who knows if i will actually be able to keep up with my blog.  i really want to.  i have every intention of updating it frequently.  then life happens.  fun gets in the way.  and all you teacher friends out there know how busy i will be in my first year of teaching.  so let me just say that i am making no promises.

as for now i am...
patiently waiting dying to get into my classroom.
working on my "meet the teacher" and "welcome to pre-kindergarten" packet.
praying for my sweet babies that i get to meet very soon.
enjoying the rest of my summer.

until next time
(whenever that may be)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

to end or not to end...

i will be honest.  actually thought once about ending my blog.  then i thought about it again and thought no way.

i've just been a busy girl the past couple months and haven't had time to blog.  i really want to keep up with it more and i know i'm gonna be mad at myself down the road for not writing these past couple of months because i probably will forget about some pretty awesome things that have happened.

i'm not even going to try to catch up because there is no way i will be able to do any justice on my life the past few months.

maybe next time i update my blog i will have a little news on my quest for f.i.n.a.l.l.y. having my own classroom. . . i can see it getting closer and closer :)

for now i am just gonna finish cooking dinner and enjoy my glass of wine and then relax because those sweet five and six year olds are wearing me out.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

cruisin' in december

the beginning of december was spent on the FUN ship with a FUN family!

the whole heady crew packed up their bags and headed for charleston to board the carnival fantasy for a week long cruise to exchange the cold weather for sunshine, sand,  and a tan :)

getting settled in our home for the week!
 at our muster station waiting patiently for the emergency practice to be OVER!
what a beautiful view of the arthur ravenel bridge.  not used to seeing it from this direction.  so pretty.
 the sun setting over fort sumter was so gorgeous as we were leaving port!
 the southern patriot!
gair and i as we are pulling out of port and heading towards warmer weather :) that is fort sumter behind us! 
tay and curt at dinner the first night!

after leaving charleston we had 2 fun days at sea ahead of us before arriving at our first port of call.  on the first day we headed up to the pool to see if we could get some sun and it was still quite chilly because we hadn't made it very far from the states yet.  on the ship they have all kinds of fun little game shows and activities going on all the time.  we were sitting right beside the big stage and they were about to start the "hairy chest competition" of course i looked at gair and he immediately says, "absolutely not" but if you know his mom, she wasn't about to let this go! thank goodness...because i wanted him to do it so bad, but since his mom was the one pressuring telling him to do it, i didn't get yelled at in trouble :)  lets be honest it didn't help the situation that he is laying out with his shirt off and the carnival staff is hollering at him to come up on stage to compete! ha!

there were 3 parts to this competition:
1. strip tease dance taking their shirts off (picture before shirt was off)
2. booty shaking competition
3. swinging through the air like tarzan and then hollering like tarzan
(please check out the competition...santa clause on the far left)
....and the winner was.....Santa Clause (with no chest hair)
i was bummed.  but all that booty shakin' paid off because he got a gold medal anyways!
 after the "hairy chest competition" we played a little bit of ping pong before going down to get ready for the captains dinner!
i played some too. and i'm actually really good not bad. surprisingly!
gair and i at dinner the night of the captains dinner.
here is a picture of the stern of the boat from where we were laying out one afternoon
this picture is looking towards the bow of the boat and the swimming pool :)
i had to post this picture because first of all curt's face c.r.a.c.k.s. me up and second of all check out that sky. . . .we had just avoided a bad storm and you can see how dark the sky is.
tay and curt showin' off the mixologist winning drink that was on the menu every day after tay one the competition :)
"skip n' shake"
aren't they one good lookin' couple :)

precious little elliot eating her banana split after dinner :)
such a beautiful family :)
gair and i at dinner! this is one of my new favorite pictures! how handsome is he :)
i just thought this picture was funny! we were walking down the hall back to our room probably to make a drink and then go watch karaoke...where we actually sang attempted to sing!  we sang picture by kid rock and sheryl crow. . . .and r o c k e d it!!!

anywho . . . . check back in a few days and see more from our december cruise and where our FUN ship docked when we woke up the next morning :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

i did it again

i said i was going to blog again the next day (following my last post) and again i didn't.  i know i am really going to regret it considering i know i will forget what has happened since i blogged last.  again.

maybe it is that i just don't have much to write about these days [except 5 year olds]

previously i used all of my pictures to help tell the story of my life, and i have stopped taking as many pictures.  unless i take them on my iPhone.

well.  there is my mini update.

until next time.