Wednesday, July 17, 2013

journey to pre-kindergarten :)

for those of you who don't already know...

i got a J.O.B

i will be teaching pre-kindergarten at the same school i was at last year.  i am so excited that i am finally  going to be doing what i k.n.o.w God put me on this earth to do!  little ones are my passion and i thought i would be teaching kindergarten this year, but i guess His plan is always different than that of what we want or hope for.  He has a better plan than i could ever imagine and i am so thankful that i will be able to learn from, teach, and watch 20 little four year olds grow in the next year :)

who knows if i will actually be able to keep up with my blog.  i really want to.  i have every intention of updating it frequently.  then life happens.  fun gets in the way.  and all you teacher friends out there know how busy i will be in my first year of teaching.  so let me just say that i am making no promises.

as for now i am...
patiently waiting dying to get into my classroom.
working on my "meet the teacher" and "welcome to pre-kindergarten" packet.
praying for my sweet babies that i get to meet very soon.
enjoying the rest of my summer.

until next time
(whenever that may be)

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  1. we love your blog! Country music is the best, are you going to start blogging again soon?