Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh, Mexico

Combined driving time = 7 1/2 hours
Stay at the Courtyard Marriot = 1 night
Combined plane ride = 7 hours
Being in Los Cabos  = Timeless

I am going to break the trip up into sections because I have so many pictures! The pictures don't even do this trip justice, but they will do a better job than I would if I just wrote about it!

The Reeves' family in the airport and Elliot's first plane ride!

The view right when we got to our resort to check-in

 Mr. and Mrs. Dowling out by the pool on Day 1 of our vacation

Taking a little nap with Aunt Tay by the pool!

Boys with be boys!  I got a good picture, but I thought this described them all so well . . .

This is just SOME of the pictures from the first 3 days of our trip!
More of our trip to come in posts to follow!

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