Sunday, August 26, 2012

dry edition

i have been asked by so many people if i'm just not blogging anymore. that makes me feel kinda special. i didn't really think anyone read my blog.  ha. well. i guess i was wrong. . . anywho! this would be the
l   o   n   g   e   s   t
update ever.

basically this summer has been a lot of working, laying out at the pool, hanging out with wonderful friends, and going out on lake murray.  obviously there are many hi lites to this summer starting off with my little sister and new bro-in-law's wedding in july!  it's so unlike me to not be posting a million pictures from all summer, but i just haven't been carrying my big ole camera around all summer since my iPhone takes decent pictures!

before i do a blog post about becca's wedding i am gonna do a little verbal recap from the summer! (detailed posts with pics to come) so here it goes...

-my sissy married her best friend so i have a new brother :)
-i worked a lot
-we went to saluda, nc for coon dog day for my 3rd annual time
-i worked a lot
-one of my bestest friends got married and i got to be part of all of it :)
-i worked a lot
-gair and i went to disney world on our way down to the keys with our friends
-we spent an amazing, fun, and relaxing weekend in the keys with 8 wonderful people
-i worked a lot

i think that about covers it.  here is a photo dump of some other fun times i had this summer that i didn't include in the major events i listed above

enjoy :)

lewis brice came and played at schooner's (lee brice's brother)
 we spent a lot of time on the lake with friends :) we are very thankful for our friends having boats so we could enjoy the lake with them during this HOT HOT summer!!
 sweet ashley and i on the lake for the fourth of july!
 becca did her first infant photo shoot for great friends of mine, jason and mindy, who just had a precious little girl!  laynie gray did an awesome job for her first photo shoot and the pictures turned out great!  i was becca's assistant for the day!  i can't complain because i got to spend 3 wonderful hours with this precious little baby!!
 got to go out with a bunch of wonderful people for yates' birthday!

surprisingly enough i didn't take many pictures this summer, but i will do a longer post about the bigger events in the summer and include pictures from those that i probably borrowed from other people's facebook pages :)

until then...hopefully not as long as last time!

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