Sunday, April 15, 2012

"i do" bbq

a few weekends ago, tay, curt, gair and i had a wedding shower for bec and russ!  here is the invitation that tay and i designed for the shower!
we all worked so hard to make this shower wonderful for the soon to be newlyweds!

i know it's a picture overload, but i want to show off all the decor :)
table center pieces that tay and curt put together!
the mantle!!  LOVED it :)
the front door  't' wreath :)
antique windows that we used for decoration outside the front door!
welcome to russ and becca's first wedding shower :)
becca and becca :)
congratulations to the future mrs tomlinson and mrs curtis
me and sissy :)
tay . bec . me <3
moma and mrs heady
some artsy pics of the decor!
introducing . . . the future mr and mrs tomlinson :)
the boys just wouldn't cooperate for a pic! here is my brudda and his groomsman!
there we go :) aren't they a handsome group of boys :)
the frame that tay got for everyone to sign! such a great idea :)
me and my brudda :)
bec and russ again <3

the shower was a success and gair and i were eating shealy's bbq for the next 2 weeks :)

congratulations again and again to my little sissy and her sweet future hubs, russ! i love you both oh so much!

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